How to Rebuild your Wardrobe.

Do you find yourself saying you have nothing to wear yet your wardrobe is full of clothes here is tips for rebuilding a closet to work for your life?

  1. Spring clean

Take the time now, to be honest with yourself and clear out your wardrobe getting rid of clothes that you don’t wear. A good rule is if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in more than 2 months, you’re never going to wear it. Don’t hold onto the past and if something is too small or big for you now don’t keep it. Ending up with a third of your closet left is ideal as you can live with a smaller selection and find creative ways of styling. This will help you see what suits you and what you like. This is also a good opportunity to donate your unwanted clothes to a charity of your choice.

  1. Suit your lifestyle

After clearing out your closet look at what clothes are left and observe how you wear them and what type of clothes suit your lifestyle. You don’t want to restock your closet with clothes that are fashionable but in reality, you don’t wear as they don’t function for your day to day life. An idea would be to have a weekend wardrobe and a weekday one then have more fun fashionable clothes.

  1. Smart shopping

This is where the fun part beings but take it slow, don’t so on a spending spree paying bunk, and build your clothes up over time. Make investments not impulse bulk buy, when your shopping and think about what you’re getting. Think about simple thinks can you get multiple wears out of it, is it good quality, will it go with other clothes in your closet, and where are the clothes coming from. This is where you can think more about the ethics of sustainable fashion.

4.Love your closet for life

Life changes and you can change along with it having a small investment good quality clothes closet that you can add to throughout life. Doing this you can get your teeth into your personal style building it up over time and filling your closet with treasures you love.



Your wardrobe can be a place of inspiration, creativity and be proud of. I would love to know what your closet is like and what styles you gravitate towards leave a comment.