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Made To Measure

The Made To Measure Process

Instead of coming through shops and trying on outfits that make you feel like a troll, we can make the outfit that makes you feel unique, beautiful and most importantly like you!

If you can find the idea you have in your head or you have no idea what to wear to a special occasion, we can make it to your measurements. The process is as follows:

  1. If you want to customize your outfit event more we do bespoke designing, you can also choose from our range of styles in shop. Or if you have a pacific idea in mind book an appointment and contact us today.
  2. Once you have chosen a style you can then choose from an array of fabric of types and colours from the list or fill in the special request. We have suggested fabric for each style, as some designs suit pacific types of fabric. Also depending on the look, you’re going for you can contact us for any advice or questions. 
  3. Choose the colour, depending on fabric type and colour selection available. You can contact us if you want a different colour and we will try and source that for you. 
  4. After that fill in the measurement form. Then we get to work drafting the pattern and sewing up for finished garment. Getting back to you will any special request you have.
  5. We will then contact you with an appointment for your first fitting. There we will refine your outfit and make sure you’re happy with the design and fit. 
  6. When the alterations are done we will contact you for a second fitting adding any embellishment or accessories to your overall look.
  7. You have a perfectly fitted garment made just for you!

We suggest to contact or order your garment four months before your event to fulfill any special requirements and to have enough time for embellishments and fittings. We can produce your garment within less time but it limits your options. 

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