Bespoke Design

C&M Bespoke Design

If you are someone who isn’t sure or don’t know what styles suits you for an occasion coming up, we can help. When at events if you worry about someone in the same dress as you, we can make something unique just for you! This is the design process:

  1. Make a design appointment, from there we will sit down with you and discuss what type of styles you like and what you usually wear.
  2. After that we can what shape will suit your body type. It’s important at this stage to pick out your best features’ you want to show off. Trying on a few styles of dresses helps to narrow down what’s going to work for you.
  3. With all that in mind, we will draw out designs and refine the elements to create your design! 
  4. Having the design we move into the type of fabrics that suits your design thinking of the fit and look you’re going for. Also, the colours you want and what suits your skin tone. It’s good to think of the main colours of your wardrobe and going with a similar colour palette. This will also help you get more wear out of the finished garment.
  5. Refining all the elements of the garment now we make final touches on embellishment and extra touches. Then you will be measured for your design.
  6. Then we draft the pattern and sew the garment. As soon as that’s done you’ll be contacted with an appointment for your first fitting. 
  7. During your first fitting, we will plan any embellishments you have chosen and refine the garment and design together.
  8. The second fit we do the finishing touches butting the whole look together with any accessories.
  9. You have a unique and one of a kind design just for you!

We suggest to contact or order your garment four months before your event to have enough time for embellishments and fittings. We can produce your garment within less time but it limits your options when designing.

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