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C&M Alterations

We can tailor your garment to fit you like a glove. If you’re on a budget for an upcoming occasion we can remodel an old outfit you have had forever or tailor an online disaster garment so that you perfect for any occasion.

Price List:

Trousers/Jeans    Tops/ Shirts  
Alter Waist  from 12 Take up/down hem  from 10
Take up/ down Hem  from 10 Let out/ add piece from 15 
False Hem  from 15  Take in  from 12
Reduce leg width  from 20  Zip replacement  from 10
Replace zip from 15  shorten / lenghten sleeves no cuff from 15 
Repair rips from 10 shorten / lenghten sleeves with cuff from 10 
    Add buttons  from 2 
Dresses/ Skirts   Curtains   
Take in  from 15  Take up 90”  from 40 
Let out/ add pieces  from 15  Take up 60” from 30 
Re Size  from 50  Roman Blind ( material supplied ) from 60
Take up / down 1 layer  from 15  Small cushion cover  from 10
Take up/ down multi layers from 25 Large cushion cover  from 20 
Take up/ down Chiffion from 25    
Change Neckline  from 15     
Replace zip  from 15     
Change from zip to lace up from 30    
Take up shoulders  from 10     
Jackets/ Coats   Remodeling  from 40
Shorten / Lengthen sleeves  from 15    
Shorten / Lengthen hem from 50    
Take in/ let out sides / back  from 20     
Replace zip  from 20     
Repair rips  from 10    
Replace lining  from 30    

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