Dressing for yourself ! not anyone else.


Why be concerned about how everyone else sees you and not how you see yourself. No matter who you are before you go out the door you rethink your outfit and wonder if it’s too much or not enough based on what people might think.

Getting stressed about getting dressed

Every day people become overwhelmed with what other people may be thinking about them, which can lead to social anxiety. Getting up in the morning is stressful enough with getting out for work or school on time or starting to the morning routine with kids the last thing you want to think about is oh no what am I going to wear. When it comes to events like a date, special occasion, or office meeting that’s even more stressful.  What we wear should be the easy fun part where we show off personally and who you are.

Clothes can say a lot so shout!

Your own style changes over time with you as you mature and grow but you still are you. Clothes are a part of who we are, it’s the part of us we can outwardly show our personality before talking. The same way none should be silenced, neither should we tell anyone to what to wear weather you think it’s nice or not that’s up to the individual to decide.

Be your icon

No icon through history or now in fashion or anything else ever got there without being themselves and forgetting what anyone else told them they had to do. Be a style repel and create or own style or styles change it every year or stick to one forever, there are no rules. Have fun let nothing hold you back.